ACENji Compliance & Safety Tools

Use an easy way for people to stay compliant and safe.

The ACENji mobile data capture solution allows your team to stay connected without having to worry about missing critical details.

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Beyond software

Keeping your workplace safe with ACENji
is our top


Maintain a healthy and productive work environment by implementing COVID protocols and rapid communication. Safety policies and ready-to-use equipment can help prevent workplace accidents and promote a safety culture.


With regular inspections and preventive maintenance, you can avoid costly emergency repairs. Find aasy access to repair manuals, warranty information, and related documentation with ACENji tools.


Obtain and submit the required data for environmental health and safety audits (HSE), ISO, HCAAP, OSHA, and more. By using a digital audit trail, inspectors can easily find the documentation they need, instead of spending time looking for it.


In the event that an accident occurs at work or a near miss occurs, take immediate action to prevent a recurrence. Keep your policies for reporting and resolution up to date, and make sure your contractors have certificates of insurance.

Make risk management more accountable & overseen.

By integrating ACENji into your workplace safety and compliance program, you can formalize procedures and documentation, as well as standard operating procedures (SOPs), review and verification services, and safety protocol development.
Having documentation to prove everyone follows consistent processes to stay safe will give you peace of mind.

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Organize & Automate

Safety checks and compliance requirements are never missed
with ACENji.

Gather data, implement proactive, consistent processes, and move away from reactive work.

  • Prepare a schedule for preventive maintenance and plan resources

  • Establish checkpoints for ordering and spending

  • Maintain the certificates of insurance (CoE) of your contractors

Take advantage of our most popular compliance and safety templates to
get started fast.

There are thousands of pre-built form templates in the ACENji library built over time. Moreover, the templates can easily be customized to suit your specific needs.
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Keep your workplace OSHA compliant

Inspection & Checklist

Safety Analysis

Incident Reports

Hazard Reports

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Checks

With ACENji

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The ability to make industries more efficient and effective through customized software with ACENji has now become readily available and easy to access for everyone.
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By implementing ACENji, customers report reducing their health and safety liability by 18%.


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